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The Use of Acupuncture with Cancer Patients

Acupuncture's use with cancer patients has been recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS) for the treatment of cancer and treatment-related symptoms. During your cancer treatment you may experience some, many, or none of the side effects associated with your type of cancer, stage, or type of treatment you receive. As you fight cancer, it is important to minimize side effects so you can stay strong and continue your treatment regime with fewer interruptions. Pain, nausea, breathlessness, constipation, diarreah, and edema have all been found to respond to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture also acts against carcinogens (factors attributable to cancer development) through its a

Keeping Acupuncture Safe

I am traveling back from a wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse diagnosis class taught by Robert Doane near Seattle, WA. I feel so fortunate to practice and have the pleasure to continually study this ancient form of healing. Connecting with other practitioners, and learning from Mr. Doane re-inspired me to share a very important topic that needs to be clearly defined and understood by both patients and practitioners. Something that is often asked when working with a new patient is "how does acupuncture work?" Often times a practitioner will go into some description of qi or energy and meridians with acupuncture points. According to ancient texts, vessels and blood flow are wh

Dharma Acupuncture now offering Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation in Scottsdale, AZ

News article featured on Digital Journal Scottsdale AZ based company, Dharma Acupuncture, has recently announced that they are offering acupuncture facial rejuvenation services in conjunction with expert aesthician Mary Koagedahl. The company offers a thorough description of their services as well as a price list online at http://www.dharmaacupuncture.com/. Here, customers can learn about the company specialties and follow the company's informative blog. Dharma Acupuncture explains: "Facial Rejuvenation is a luxurious, pampering treatment lasting between 90 and 120 minutes that includes a facial massage and an herbal or essential oil facial treatment which is chosen according to your goals a

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