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Dharma Acupuncture announces winter solstice treatment special

Lisa Swanson L.Ac. offers her seasonal shift acupuncture treatments for $35 for 30 minutes at her acupuncture clinic in Grass Valley, CA. Swanson states that at the change of each season our immune system becomes compromised as the weather shifts and different allergens in the air manifest. As a result, people will more often contract colds, flu, and allergies at these times of the year. Preventatively protecting yourself by using acupuncture and proper dietary guidelines are the best defense, Swanson asserts.

For this winter she offers a treatment with selecting specific points designed to regulate water, the winter's element. At the end of each treatment she selects an essential oil blend to tonify and fortify the body.

Lisa Swanson has been in practice for 11 years, and is soon to celebrate her 2nd year in her downtown Grass Valley location.

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