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Get The Best Natural Medicine Healing in Grass Valley California at Dharma Acupuncture With Lisa Swa

Woman receiving acupuncture at Dharma Acupuncture

Lisa Swanson, the owner of Dharma Acupuncture in Grass Valley, has participated in the annual Back to School event for children in the Grass Valley Kmart. It is part of her work in caring for the community and the health and well being of people in Grass Valley.

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The event ensured that numerous children were able to get hold of essentials for their school days that they might not have been able to afford, like clothing and learning equipment like backpacks, paper and pencils.

Lisa Swanson is an acupuncture practitioner who has been working in the field of integrative medicine for over 15 years. She offers a wide range of medicinal acupuncture treatments as the owner and founder of Dharma Acupuncture Grass Valley and Nevada City.

She prides herself on helping as many people as possible, with services that include pulse diagnosis, traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion, cupping and a variety of oriental medicine techniques to help people deal with pain relief and treatment for diseases and problems with fertility.

Specialities at Dharma Acupuncture include oncology, pain management, obstetrics, and pediatrics. Full details of the services provided can be found on the company website on the URL above, where interested parties can click through the treatments available to find out more.

Lisa Swanson studied at the Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California, and became a licensed practitioner in 2008. Since then she has helped a number of people with their pain management and traditional medicine for disease treatment, allowing them to live fuller, more normal lives.

The Dharma Acupuncture site explains that Lisa learned from Dr Richard Tan, and since then has practiced the Balance Method of traditional medicine, which has been derived from the I Ching. This ancient method of acupuncture is over 2,500 years old, and is known for providing the best results.

The methods for healing are gentle and painless, and sometimes include the use of essential oils, muscle testing, and other techniques to help ensure patients leave with the best results.

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