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Smartly using Seeds for Hormone Balance

In Chinese Medicine seeds are utilized for the essence they store. They embody another plant life and therefore hold that potential energy inside of them. Generally they are used for lack of energy and constipation, and more specifically depending on the type of seed, they can treat parasites, hormone imbalances, and even blood stagnation. Their uses are very diverse and specific.

One of my favorite, natural ways to support hormones is to have patients use seeds daily. It provides a supportive and gentle push into the correct direction. For males, adding 1 Tbls pumpkin seeds every day supports healthy testosterone levels. For females, between ovulation and the first day of her cycle (days 15-28) grind 1 Tbls flax seeds with 1 Tbls sesame seeds to regulate progesterone and estrogen levels. Something important to note about flax seeds is that they go rancid 15 minutes after grinding so please buy them whole and grind them yourself in a coffee bean grinder just before consumption. While buying them already ground will provide fiber, the nutritional content in the oils is lost in pre-ground seeds. Clean out the machine well to make sure you do not get any coffee residue in your seeds.

For spring I would like to share a recipe I learned of recently. While supporting the hormones, it also releases the liver of stored toxins, which is the spring time organ. Combine the following, grind, and sprinkle on foods daily to cleanse and support the liver and bowel:

1 Tbls Milk Thistle Seed

1 Tbls Pumpkin Seeds

1 Tsp Flax Seeds

1 Tsp Sesame Seeds

Beyond these simple and gentle suggestions there are several ways to balance hormones naturally. A diagnosis that is becoming more common is that of estrogen dominance. One of the best quick and dirty ways to treat that is a 21 day purification cleanse. While it might be rather vigorous, it is a powerful way to cleanse out the liver and push reset on bad eating habits. There are also Chinese herbal teas that are formulated to suit each individuals constitution that will correct hormone imbalances, and this might arguably be the best way as it is tailored specifically to you. Acupuncture also regulates hormones, blood sugar, and feels great too!

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