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Dr. Lisa Swanson, DAIM, L.Ac., is accepting new patients for Acupuncture in Oro Valley, at NatureMedica.

Complementary 15 minute Traditional Chinese Medicine mini-consultations now available.  Learn how Acupuncture at NatureMedica can benefit you.

Forget outdated images of sharp needles and ancient mysteries. Acupuncture, a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine, offers a gentle and scientifically validated approach to tapping into your body's own healing system. When meridians get blocked or imbalanced, it can lead to various aches, stress, and sleep disturbances. Acupuncture alleviates these conditions while restoring balance and harmony.

Acupuncture offers a wealth of benefits, including:

Pain relief: Studies have shown its effectiveness for back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hand and foot pain.  It also relieves headaches and migraines.

Stress reduction: Feeling like a tightly wound coil? Acupuncture is your relaxation button. By calming your nervous system and easing tension, it helps you breathe easier and refocus with renewed composure.

Improved sleep: Acupuncture regulates your sleep cycle and soothes your mind.

Boosted immunity: Feeling a bit under the weather? Acupuncture can give your immune system a boost by increasing white blood cells, keeping you healthy.

Digestive harmony: Tummy troubles? Acupuncture can help get things moving smoothly again, bringing your gut back into happy harmony.

Dr. Lisa Swanson, DAIM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is now accepting new patients at NatureMedica in Oro Valley, AZ. Call to schedule your free 15 minute mini-consult to learn about how acupuncture can improve your health. A complementary tongue and pulse assessment will be provided which indicates your out of balance organs and meridians.

Ready to embark on your journey to well-being?

Give us a call at 520-887-4287. 


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