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Dharma Acupuncture now offering Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale AZ based company, Dharma Acupuncture, has recently announced that they are offering acupuncture facial rejuvenation services in conjunction with expert aesthician Mary Koagedahl. The company offers a thorough description of their services as well as a price list online at Here, customers can learn about the company specialties and follow the company's informative blog.

Dharma Acupuncture explains: "Facial Rejuvenation is a luxurious, pampering treatment lasting between 90 and 120 minutes that includes a facial massage and an herbal or essential oil facial treatment which is chosen according to your goals and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. Optimal results are achieved when administered in a series of treatments."

Acupuncture is described by the company as an ancient and painless art, which involves the insertion of delicate thin needles into very specific points along the skin. This is meant to follow the body's natural energy pathways, which are known as meridians. The art originated in traditional Chinese medicine and was known for its ability to help balance the individual being treated. This balance restored health, prevented and treated illness, and has shown success time and again. Now, this ancient medicine has become better recognized in modern and Western civilization, and is being used by holistic and alternative care practitioners across North America.

The company's Lead Acupuncturist, Lisa Swanson, typically uses Japanese needling techniques, which she has found to be the most gentle and painless needle insertion method. Consultations may also include the use of essential oils, hands on healing, muscle testing, and advice on nutritional and herbal supplements.

The benefits associated with the treatments are many, including improved skin color, the reduction of fine lines, fuller looking skin where it may have once sagged, increased production of collagen, higher levels of muscle tone, diminished dark eye circles and more. Similar to that of other facial treatments, Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation from Dharma Acupuncture supplies not only external aesthetic remedies, but also a feeling of calm and relaxation throughout treatment. They state: "Facial Acupuncture has been gaining recent attention among Hollywood stars for taking years off their appearance. It has been used for thousands of years to restore youth and beauty, and is often used in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to successfully impede the aging process."

Although the company is known throughout their community for the Facial Rejuvenation Package, acupuncture has been said to aid in a number of health related issues. From pain management to reproductive health, it has been claimed to reduce infertility, cure insomnia, prevent digestive trouble, and even help with stroke rehabilitation patients.

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