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Summer Health Tips from Lisa Swanson

Summer Health Tips from Lisa Swanson L.Ac.

Summer is a natural time of detoxification as warmer temperatures increase vessel dilation, moving blood and lymph.

  1. Drink a full glass of room temperature water upon waking every morning to increase detoxification.

  2. If feeling dehydrated make your own natural electrolyte drink of 1/3 part natural juice, 1/3 part coconut water, 1/3 filtered water, and a pinch of natural salt.

  3. Spend time in nature! In Japan, forest baths are prescribed to those suffering from depression. A walk through the forest is proving to improve mood and oxygen levels. There are also spores and smells in nature that have been studied which balance brain chemistry.

  4. Summer brings us the element of fire which gives us spontaneous energy, joy and fun. On the flip side, we can also tire easily from heat and require naps. Plan less, and allow more time for rest and play as needed.

  5. Eat seasonal fruit. Watermelon is a fabulous gift of summer. It treats parasites, generates fluids, and detoxifies. Patients suffering from acne always get my recommendation for watermelon, mung beans, and celery as these are the balancing, most detoxifying foods.

  6. Stay away from ice cream and dairy. I know, this is a tough one. Unfortunately dairy ice cream and treats create phelgm and nodules making us more susceptible to summer heat colds. Try alternatives like sorbet, frozen fruit whipped in the blender, or just a beautiful piece of fruit. If the urge calls, try out rice dream or coconut dream brands which are non dairy ice creams that are not bad!

  7. Drink fresh pressed juices. It increases detoxification and now is the time to enjoy all of it. All year long I have to tell patients to avoid smoothies and juices - and summer is the time to enjoy it without fear of injuring the digestive system.

  8. Stay out of the sun, and use natural sunscreens. My current favorite is Sanre with is zinc oxide based and only has 100% natural ingredients.

  9. Use essential oils as bug repellants and to treat bug bites. Peppermint is my favorite and worked wonderfully the year I spent in south America.

  10. Stretch! Muscles are looser, more pliable, and now is the time to increase flexibility with care and awareness. Commit to a yoga routine or stretching regime consistently and you will be rewarded in a few weeks time to how much more flexibility you have gained.


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