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Yang Metal & Yang Water

The start of the lunar New Year was Jan 25th. This year it delivered us into a cycle of birth, generation and harmony emphasizing water and metal. It also gives us a fresh, new start as it brings us to the beginning of the 12 chinese cycles, while also being a new decade in the western calendar. Now is the time to summon your will power to bring forth the changes you seek to make definite, lasting changes in your lifestyle and health.

Water gives peace and calm when balanced and fear when it is out of balance. Metal provides mental strength and clarity, but will be over critical, petty and harsh when it is out of alignment. Depending on your individual BaZi elemental chart, this could be a very good year, and it is predicted to be calmer times for all.

Whether the year proves to be difficult or easy, choosing to make strides towards better health is always a good idea! Commit to a health goal now and check in each quarter as the season shifts with us at Dharma Acupuncture to help keep you on track.

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