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Allergies: Find The Best Acupuncturist In Grass Valley For Hay Fever, Pain Relief, Elder Care &am

Acupuncture for allergy aggravations

After one of Northern California's historic winters with rain down pours and floods, it could be a pollen filled spring. For those who suffer from allergies, an intense hay fever season may be around the corner, and for those who have never had allergies before they may begin to experience them.

To acutely treat allergies Lisa Swanson L.Ac. recommends receiving 1-3 acupuncture treatments within a 2 week period. Acupuncture is a wonderful way to quickly unblock the sinuses by increasing micro circulation in the sinus area. Eyes become less reactive decreasing redness, watering and itchiness.

To completely eradicate or significantly decrease the body's histamine response, further investigation into the root cause is necessary which may include acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic remedies, lymphatic drainage technique and diet recommendations. Typically, advice such as staying away from the top food allergens that cause more inflammation in the body is recommended. Dairy products, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, all the things people commonly eat and enjoy eating are the culprits of weakening the immune system and re-aggravation.

Dharma Acupuncture will be offering an allergy spring treatment special through the end of April. First time appointments: $108 and follow up treatments: $65

We also take insurance should your insurance policy cover acupuncture benefits. Please contact us today to book your appointment: 530-648-4192

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