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Acupuncture Specialist Lisa Swanson marks her first anniversary In Arizona providing highly skilled

Lisa Swanson L.Ac. has hit her fist milestone working out of her own practice, Dharma Acupuncture in Arizona. Before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona to start her clinic, accredited acupuncturist; Lisa studied and worked at several medical facilities in California. This allowed her to expand her experience working in natural medicine and alternative medical therapy. After adding several professional credentials to the array of practical experience gained over a period of nearly 15 years, Lisa opened her own clinic in Arizona where she has seen the completion of her first year.

It is estimated that about 43% of U.S. citizens have, at some point, undergone or are currently undergoing alternative medical treatment. Acupuncture, being the most common of all complementary treatments, is practiced by a number of professionals across the country. However, not all of them hold the same qualifications to practice. This leads to a variety of experiences for patients ranging from complete satisfaction to acute distress. Even medical doctors indulging in traditional natural medicine tend to produce an unsavory experience with their patients. This is mostly because they might not have acquired academic qualifications related to the history and philosophy of that particular alternate treatment.. By providing a dedicated consultative and customized treatment plan to each patient, Lisa has built a rapport among the people who had undergone treatment with her.

Being highly intuitive in her field of expertise, Lisa Swanson L.Ac. has trained and received education in the fields most relevant to her discipline. Graduating with a Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine from the Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA, she has comprehensive knowledge in traditional Chinese medicines and treatments. These treatment methods have been scientifically substantiated to provide relief to a number of different ailments. Since the constitution and circumstances of each patient is different, the treatment has to also be specially customized to tend to their needs. Acupuncture is shown to be effective in pain relief treatments, reproductive health ailments, digestive, respiratory and many other disorders in metabolic functions of the body.

Techniques involved in traditional Chinese treatments always depend upon the condition and requirement of the patient. These could range from Cupping and Moxibustion to Infrared therapy and Gua Sha. Treatment courses can be complimented with aromatic essence oils that create a soothing effect on the patient’s disposition, accelerating the healing process. In addition to this, nutritional advice is also provided to accelerate the treatment being received. Lisa’s dedication seems to be spreading it roots as her new-found fan base in Arizona is slowly turning out to be as dedicated to the one in California.

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