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Nutrition and Detox

Summer is a great time to modify one's eating habits. It's warmer, the body naturally lends itself to detoxification by increased blood and lymph flow from the warmer temperatures. We crave less food and seasonal fruits and vegetables are high in nature's natural cleansers: antioxidants.

This is by far one of my greatest passions, guiding and educating patients about good nutrition and watching people transform, literally from the inside out. Every body is different, which is what makes this work so interesting. Looking at things from a biochemical level, and supporting the body, patients see dramatic results quickly, on all levels. Energy increases, moods lift, and the body feels light and energetic. Using Premier Research Labs vitamins, Standard Process supplements, and/or Chinese Herbs we balance your body completely. If necessary we use purification cleanses, Alcat allergy blood testing, hair mineral testing, and/or ZRT hormone saliva and blood panels to uncover deeper issues that do not resolve after prolonged proper nutrition intake and chinese herbal therapy. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner I trained extensively in nutrition and am qualified to advise you on improving your health through diet and lifestyle modifications. I go through your current diet and devise a customized plan that suits your goals. Whether your focus is fertility and we use Weston Price's approach to re-fortify your body, or it's detoxification and we look for foods to cleanse the body and it's organs, I have experience and dedicate my life to learning new trends while relying on old practical standards to practice what is best suited to your constitution. I enjoy working closely with weight loss patients and suggest regular check in visits to monitor specific goals and give continued support and inspiration. Heart conditions and hormonal issues often require just as much care as weight loss, and may need additional herbal therapy during the course of a nutrition transition.

If you are ready to begin a new nutrient dense eating plan and want to detoxify I can guide you through a purification cleansing program. Most patients see results in the first week and loose up to 3-4 lbs a week while cleansing, and thereafter by maintaining healthy habits.

Summer health tip: don't let your self suffer from dehydration! In the dessert of SoCal and AZ I have witnessed many patients that don't drink enough water. Please! Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces every day. For coffee drinkers, you must drink at least 2x the amount of water to make up for the amount of coffee consumed. Add some lemon to boost alkalinity and discharge the gunk and grime from your lymph system. Watermelon juice is particularly hydrating and detoxifying, and is something I give most of my rash and troubled skin prone patients.

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