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Meditation Techniques

"Meditation is a duty toward the self. The moment you become aware of the self, you become beautiful to self because the moment you concentrate on self, your frequency changes and the universe around you changes also. This is a cosmic law"

Yogi Bhajan

In most acupuncture sessions I teach patients one, if not 2, simple meditation and breathing techniques. My go to, easy to use, anytime, anywhere, meditation is called 3 part breathing. Inhale for a slow count of 5, suspend the breath for a count of five, and exhale to a count of five. Repeat at least 3 times to start. This measured breathing has been shown to lower the heart rate, which directly effects blood pressure. It increases the lung's capacity to take in more air, which alkalinizes and detoxifies the entire body from increased oxygen intake. Most importantly, it is a way to reset and refresh the mind and body. If you find yourself angry, upset, too stressed out to think clearly, this is a simple thing to do for 5 minutes. It calms everything down, so your body and mind have a chance to unite, and the actual cells that are in you and your environment shift. When done on a regular basis it allows you to have a calmer demeanor, think clearly, and breathe deeper naturally. I have heard miraculous outcomes from patients taking a few minutes out of their workday to complete a meditation using this simple technique.

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