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Winter Warm Up

During these cooler months, we practice tonification in Chinese Medicine. Our exterior becomes cold, and we rely on our deeper reserves to keep us warm and keep us active. Ideally, we would all work less, rest more, and spend more time doing contemplative activities in the winter. Because we live in a world where that isn't always possible and we must continue to meet life's demands regardless of season, we must look to our diet and self care to bring us through these winter months. I am sharing a very tonifying recipe this month that can be made every week, and or stored in the freezer for cooler days. It's benefits are countless and include anti-aging properties, digestive support, and restoring the vital kidney qi that gives us the strength and support to procreate, breathe, produce marrow, and gives us lustrous hair. Electing to come in for a winterizing acupuncture treatment that includes moxa (a chinese herb heat therapy that externally stimulates acupuncture points) can help boost the immune system, with studies showing actual white blood cell release. Most ingredients can be found in bulk bins or at a chinese food market, or you can call our office to order ingredients! 8 Treasure Congee

  • 1 oz of adzuki beans

  • 1 oz mung beans

  • 1.4 oz of lotus seeds

  • 1 oz coix

  • 1.4 oz sweet sticky rice

  • .7 oz longan fruit

  • 1 oz black rice

  • .7 oz wheat

  • 20ml of rice wine

Place red adzuki beans, mung, lotus seeds, coix and wheat in a large pot and cover with 2 inches of water and soak overnight to soften. Drain the beans and rinse and put in a rice cooker with rice wine and water. Cook and enjoy this warming, nourishing dish!


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