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Welcome to the new Chinese Lunar Year

Friday February 12th marks the Lunar New Year in 2021, also known as Chinese New Year.

I studied Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology) with my late mentor, Dr Richard Tan. Since learning about the Ba Zi cycles, I look to the Lunar New Year as the real new year as it is the very first phase of spring, as the tiny buds on branches start to emerge, and life begins fresh and anew.

While most recognize Chinese New Year being symbolized as an animal, that tactic was used to inform the less educated about their nature. Each animal is actually an element and either yin or yang. The animal of this year, the ox, is actually the earthly branch of Yin Earth. The heavenly stem that also constitutes the energy of this year is Yin Metal. Earth and Metal are in the harmonious generation cycle and both are feminine, meaning we will have a peaceful year, and perhaps some much needed rest! It's energy is slow, steady, and reliable.

With the first phase of spring starting we prepare the liver to release, and the body to support letting go of toxins. We have got several 'easy does it' options, such as Castor Oil kits, Pure Encapsulations Detox packs, the Standard Process 21 day cleanse, Premier Research Labs Liver ND and Gallbladder ND tinctures, Essiac Tea, and Milk Thistle spagyrics. For an easy cleanse at home start each day with Bieler Broth, or this cold weather alkalinizing broth:

Happy New Year, Early Spring and Valentines Day!


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