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Welcome to the first day of Autumn!

Each seasonal shift in Chinese medicine is marked with turning our focus into welcoming the new element and preparing the body to handle the incoming changes in weather. Metal is the element of Fall which is rooted in the Lung organ. Things become dry so we seek to moisten and nourish the lungs. Supporting any emotional process of letting go and grieving is also necessary and the lungs govern those emotions in Chinese medicine.

Recently I learned in my functional medicine training that the ceremony and process of care is more powerful than administered medications. I love getting these extracts of studies from integrative medicine that further promote the use of traditional medicine. With this in mind, we have developed a 90 minute treatment to ritualize the change of this season which includes:

  • Acupuncture points to boost your immune system and balance your individual constitutional needs.

  • Gua Sha - a scraping technique that increases blood flow.

  • Flash Cupping which promotes the movement of lymph and blood flow that has proven to remove toxins.

  • Moxa - an ancient warming herbal therapy that stimulates acu-points and meridians.

  • And finally, an essential oil application that protects and wards off flu and viruses.

We will also give you a complementary zinc test to make sure your body is adequately stocked up for the season ahead.

This service is not covered by insurance as it is purely preventive. The cost is $90 and you get a full hour and half of our undivided attention. It is available to schedule until early November.

Also - we are welcoming another new practitioner Haley Welden L.Ac. to our team. She will be available to treat patients on Fridays, as well as in the community clinic on Thursdays from 4-6. Haley grew up in Grass Valley and is glad to return to her hometown to practice Chinese medicine.

Julia "JuJu", Haley and I all hope to see you to assist you with your health care as the seasons change.


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