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Wei Qi Immune Protection

Wei qi rests on the skin as our ever protective layer, warding off colds, germs, and viruses. It can become weak when sleep is continually disturbed, when we are over exposed to the elements of too much wind, hot or cold, we eat bad food, etc. Keeping the wei qi strong is the key to staying healthy, and is thought of as the immune system in Chiense Medicine.

Kids and adults having been coming into our clinic with colds and flus all winter long, and now there is a growing concern of the dreaded coronavirus as the first case has been reported in nearby Sacramento County. Jade Screen formula is a wonderful, immune boosting Chinese herbal remedy to take until the flu season comes to a close. It's also good to take while traveling, or when a family member falls ill to protect yourself. Now at Dharma Acupuncture and at the Community clinic in raw tea form to boil and brew (3 small bags for $5 makes 6 servings), or in easy to take tea pills ($18). It is comprised of 3 herbs; Huang Qi, Fang Feng, and Bai Zhu. These herbs are perfectly balanced, and provide a sophisticated, simple answer to keep your immune system on guard.

If you find yourself coming down with a cold or flu, other remedies will most likely be appropriate for you. Acupuncture is encouraged as long as you can safely travel to the clinic and are not vomiting. You can expect to move through your illness faster with the support of acupuncture. Herbs tailored to your condition will also help quell a fever, diminish a sore throat, dry up phlegm in the sinuses or lung, and treat a cough.

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