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There Can Be Relief For Shingles Pain

Scottsdale, Arizona based Dharma Acupuncture has announced that their services can be effective for relieving pain associated with shingles. Shingles is a disease that is carried by all individuals who have had chicken pox. The rash can cause debilitating pain and weakness in many patients.

One patient suffering from shingles made an appointment at the Scottsdale Acupuncture clinic, owned by Lisa Swanson, for treatment of post neuralgic shingles pain. Three months after the patient broke out with the singles rash, she reported that she was still experiencing severe pain, even though the rash had completely healed. “I was very sensitive to touch, even the feel of clothing against my skin caused extreme discomfort, and I was unable to carry out my normal exercise routine, which in turn caused me to gain weight and feel hopeless and depressed,” stated the patient.

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