Hello From Dr. Abbie

It has been a whirlwind of activities, getting into the swing of things here at the lovely Dharma Acupuncture Clinic! And it has been a delight, getting to know many of you over the previous few weeks since beginning my journey here. I must say how profoundly grateful I am to have the opportunity to do the work I love in such a special place. I am from the North-Bay area and am very happy and excited to be relocating to Grass Valley. It has been so fun to learn from and work with Lisa in the transition process and I am very grateful to her for creating such a beautiful and healthy clinic, and for trusting me in carrying on where she has left off as the clinic owner. It is an honor for me to do so, and I am looking forward to sharing the gifts of Chinese medicine, and other natural medicines that I have learned from over the years, and ongoing.

In coming newsletters, I will be sharing blog posts on important health topics that I very frequently share with clients in the clinic. Coming soon will be, “Important Things to Know About Calcium Supplementation”. This is such an important topic, the details of which, most people do not know about, since specific nutritional-science discoveries in the 1990’s have not trickled down through the media nor our western medical systems quite enough to bring about the needed awareness or understanding on a larger scale. I’ll be sharing all of the details based off of a well-researched article that I wrote for publication. More to come, soon!

Lastly, a little house-keeping:

On April 4th, the scheduling software that is currently being used on the Dharma website will be changing from Schedulicity to Jane. Jane is a more streamlined, and comprehensive format that I am sure you will find more user-friendly, with zero glitches. This will also allow me to have the electronic medical records and the scheduling within one system, which will be extremely helpful! Some of the new options available for you will be:

  • • Wait-lists

  • • Upon scheduling you will be able to add personal notations, such as what you would like to focus on in your appointment

  • • Protected credit card entry to your profile, to make your check-out process more streamlined

  • • Ability to view all of your past and future scheduled appointments

In the first few days of April, you will receive an email entitled, “Welcome to Dharma Clinic”, which will include an invitation from Jane to create a username and password which will enable you to schedule from the website, as before, just a little different.

Looking forward to seeing you in the clinic. Happy to help!

Joyfully Yours,

Dr. Abbie Crimm, DACM, LAc Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist

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