Retreats are a wonderful way to revitalize and rejuvenate.  Why not send us an email or give us call to find out when our next retreat is - call 480.228.4772.





Sedona Retreat

Rejuvenating retreat in Sedona, AZ is set to take place in Spring 2015 and will include the following specialties:

  • Yoga

  • Acupuncture

  • Essential Oil

  • Meridian Balancing

  • Meditation


Each day begins with a 22 minute Kundalini yoga set ending with a brief meditation. Breakfast is served and followed by either a hike or yoga session which takes place amongst the red rocks. The rest of the day is yours to explore Sedona and enjoy the many ruins, restaurants, tours and adventures on offer - there's activities to suit every level.


In late afternoon or early evening choose from a personalized acupuncture session or essential oil treatment.  More details forthcoming…

Vilcabamba Retreat

Vilcabamba, means Sacred Valley.  That which is rare and pure.  It is a borrowed term from the sacred Huilco trees that grow in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  Magically, these trees intake toxins from the air and output twice the amount of oxygen as any other tree on the planet.  They are fickle in being replanted and only grow where they deem desirable, making them a deity and a prized possession.  These trees grow all over the valley in Vilcabamba, Ecuador where our retreat is located and you are welcome to come breathe, heal, and rest.


Vilcabamba is a town in Ecuador affectionately known as the Valley of Longevity.  It is nestled between the Andes mountains in Southern Ecaudor, and is overlooked by the majestic Mandango Mountain and the Podocarpus National Park.  Mandango Mountain is pictured above and if looked at closely you can see the outline of the sleeping giant.  It is believed that Mandango protects the residents of the Valley from hardship and disaster.  It was an area used by the Incas to recuperate, and a place where harmony reigned.  Those that visited never brought their arguments or disagreements with them.  It was a place used to experience peace, and that peace can still be felt today making a perfect retreat location.  The nearby Podocarpus national park is a water shed that delivers pure, alkaline water to the valley, yielding naturally high antioxidant crops.  One of the many postulated reasons why the inhabitants of Vilcabamba are known to live over 100 years old.  The year round perfect weather (60-85 degrees) allows for a 12 month growing season.  The fruits and vegetables served at the retreat are all organic, as well as all ingredients used.  We use natural, untreated and un-fluoridated salt, and are a complete eco-retreat.

Retreats are designed with the basics; morning meditation and check in, and an acupuncture, massage, or essential oil treatment per day.  All other activities are designed to meet your needs.  We have found that this works best as some are needing to retreat to a place of complete calm, while others need to move around and seek adventure.  Luckily the Valley, and our retreat can easily accommodate both!  Outside of the retreat grounds we offer nature hikes in the mountains, by the river, or a tour around town, horseback riding, art classes at a nearby art gallery, trips to the Saturday market at a nearby local farm, the Sunday market, or to Loja, the nearest major city.  Within the retreat we offer Kundalini Yoga, acupuncture, massage, essential oil treatments, hands on healing, art classes by Maya designed for spiritual exploration, meditation tips and techniques, and a serene environment where you can wander, journal, or just be.  The gardens are bountiful and beautiful, and there is a small pool, and place to always get something to eat.  

More pictures forthcoming from our October 2014 retreat.