Acupuncturist, Grass Valley, California

Use acupuncture to fight cancer

Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to treat cancer and the side effects of any treatment you may be undergoing.  Some of the benefits of oncology acupuncture include:


  • Stress Reduction

  • Acts against Carcinogens

  • Enhances Immune Function

  • Increases Red and White Cell Development

  • Alleviates Physical Pain and Emotional Tensions

  • Induces Deep Calm and Relaxation

  • Regulates Disturbed Digestive Functions 

  • Decreases Edema


Recent studies at UCLA show that acupuncture speeds recovery time, reduces nausea and vomiting, and significantly reduces post operative pain.  


The Importance of your practitioner

More than any other disease it is very important that you connect with your acupuncture practitioner while undergoing cancer care. You are often at several appointments a week to manage your disease and are asked to endure uncomfortable, painful treatments. At times you may have to wait for hours at the MDs office, or be asked to unexpectedly come back the next day. When you choose an acupuncturist, it is very important that you select a caring, compassionate individual with the ability to understand your special needs and make your treatments a healing, comforting experience.

Lisa Swanson was fortunate to intern at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, CA and the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic in Oakland, CA while in the San Francisco Bay area. She has seen and treated many types of cancer, and many brave, courageous men and women survive their illness. 


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