Herbal Apothecary

Herbal Apothecary at Dharma Acupuncture

We have a full raw herbal apothecary with over 350 traditional herbs. Each herb has its own story, lush with history of use and practice.

As traditional Chinese medicine herbalists, we are trained in every aspect of each herb's healing properties.  Temperature, meridians affected, organs treated, and the herb's specific uses are known and applied skillfully to each person we treat. Additional, synergistic actions of herbs are utilized and can sometimes be combined into a simple tea to steep, or complex formula for you to take home and make a decoction from. We also carry supplements, tinctures, spagyrics, herbal baths, washes and teas.


Your appointment

We prefer to see you in person for herbal therapy in a one-on-one consultation where we can feel your pulse, look at your tongue, and take a full history. We are able to do a telemedicine visit for some cases, but we will need a recent, accurate reading of your blood pressure and heart rate.