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Chinese herbs for Covid-19

Chinese Herbal Therapy

China has experienced over 300 epidemics in the past 2000 years. From this history and long use of herbs, various combinations and formulas exist to prevent and treat every stage of disease.  


Covid-19 Prevention - Jade Screen Formula, Yu Ping Feng San

To prevent getting ill during cold and flu season this formula is widely used to protect the exterior and increase your immune system's white blood cells. This formula is simple, elegant and easily tolerable by most. As it protects the exterior wei qi, it can induce a slight sweating effect upon infection making it inappropriate for patient's experiencing hot flashes and night sweating.  Consulting with a qualified TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalist is recommended before starting herbal treatment. Modifications are always available to customize to your constitution and specific needs.  


Covid-19 Treatment

Various formulas are available depending on your symptoms.


After doing a 'deep dive' into the research papers out of China there are many stages to this illness. A thorough evaluation is warranted of each sign and symptom to properly evaluate and treat your specific course of illness and disease progression. Call to schedule a tele-medicine appointment to receive your TCM diagnosis and herbal prescription.  Careful guidance is necessary for correct treatment.  

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