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New clinic protocols

New clinic protocols will be strictly followed and may be changed at any moment according to emerging needs.


If you are experiencing Covid-19 signs and symptoms

Before you come in for your appointment please let us know if you have been experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, sneezing or fever. During this contagious time of Covid-19 transmission we will most likely ask you to reschedule; however we can provide you with a phone consultation or internet session to assess your situation and provide diet and herbal recommendations. Once those symptoms have dissipated we can see you for an in-person acupuncture treatment.


First-time appointment options

If you are coming in for the first time, we will make a phone/internet session for the initial intake to spend the time to get to know you, your history, current health condition and wellness goals.  This will take anywhere between 20-45 mins. After this is complete we will proceed to schedule your in-person acupuncture treatment.  


At the start of each visit we ask that you use the sink in the hallway to wash your hands with soap and water.  We will then take your temperature with either an infrared forehead laser or one-second ear thermometer that gets disinfected between each use. If you have a fever, we will send you home and reschedule your appointment. We can provide herbal suggestions, supplements or the free and easy wet sock directions for a do-it-yourself at home treatment.


Cleaning protocols and what to expect

We are constantly bleach wiping all surfaces including door handles, light switches, faucets, toilet handles, etc so please help us by being conscious of touching your face, wiping your nose, etc and wash your hands before touching anything. If you touch something that needs cleaning, let us know and we will do it!


We will be wearing a mask, gloves, protective eye gear, scrubs and a lab coat. Once the virus threat is over we will go back to normal attire but until that time, bear with us and the necessary gear to get through this time as safely as possible.


Opening hours

Our clinic is open on select days, with 14 days of strict practitioner quarantine in between. If we are unable to personally treat you, we can refer you to a nearby practitioner who may be open. We are only treating patients with a deep, urgent need to avoid urgent care and ER visits. This restriction will be lifted once the stay-at-home order is revoked, or until we feel we can safely serve our patient population.  We will do in-person treatments only for severe pain, debilitating anxiety and addiction urges. If you have another condition and are unsure of your need, please call and we will help you determine if you need immediate care or a tele-medicine visit.  If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911.