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Covid-19 antibody testing

What is an antibody test?

Using CoronaCheck, an imported test used in China on 720 patients with a 97% sensitivity and 92% specificity IgG and IgM antibodies are evaluated. IgM antibodies are released by the immune system in response to becoming infected, and reach their peak within 7 days after infection. IgG antibodies are released 7 days after becoming infected and peak 28 days after infection. A blood blot test is administered which employs a buffer solution and yields results in 10-15 minutes.  


Where is the antibody test carried out?

Tests are available for in-office appointments only per FDA guidelines. This test was originally offered as an in-home test, but that has been altered to satisfy reporting guidelines. If you want to do a drive-by appointment, we can arrange a curbside test with results within 10-15 minutes


How much does the antibody test cost?

Tests are $35 and can not billed to your insurance. It can be billed as part of an acupuncture appointment, but not as a stand alone single test. MD offices will hopefully receive antibody testing soon; however this is available through my functional medicine contacts now if you would like to utilize this service.  


Is the antibody test approved?

This test has been green lighted by the FDA under the "Emergency Authority Act" passed in late March. Along with other tests, there has not been sufficient time to conduct double blind studies, etc. The western medical establishment, the FDA, and all doctors are using their best intentions and good faith to navigate this unknown virus and provide the best care as soon as possible. No test is perfect, but this is the best that is available for our office to provide at this time.  


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