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Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine incorporates your entire medical, social, and environmental history and determines by specific, detailed laboratory testing proper diagnosis.  With this knowledge in hand we develop a program that works for you which may include; use of supplements, herbs, exercise, diet modification, mediation, yoga and/or breath work.


The Functional Medicine Process

If you are a past patient of mine, we can meet over the phone or zoom for 60 to 90 mins or 2hrs to refresh your history and current chief complaints.  If I have not seen you in the past 6 months you are considered a new patient.  My rate is $200 per hr.  If you are a new patient 2 hours is required for an initial thorough evaluation.  Prepayment is required and all sales are final, so please be sure the date and time you select works for you.  I have a flat rate of $200 per hour.  


The commitment: I only accept a few Functional Medicine patients at a time, therefore 48 hours is needed to reschedule your appointment without being charged for the original time you scheduled.  Functional Medicine is heavy in research, coordination of labs, and appropriate follow up care.  I only work with a select few at any given time to allow for proper attention of current cases.  This limitation allows me to deliver the care you are paying for and need to achieve your health goals.  Since my time is limited please make sure you can keep the appointments you make to avoid cancellation fees, stay on track with the treatment plan, and avoid disappointing results.  I love working with patients dedicated to making actionable steps towards health.  I will hold you accountable, but you have to be an active partner and participant who remains present in this process.


Functional Medicine is participatory: You must must follow the guidance I give you to obtain results, and report your outcomes honestly.  If we do testing for you, you will likely have to undergo re-testing at some point in the future, usually 3 - 6 - 9 months later to evaluate how your physical body is responding to the designed treatments.

*Please note ~ I will work with you to help you determine mold and toxic levels, however if significant values are found I will refer you to a specialist as it is a very involved process that requires special care and consideration for proper detoxification without causing severe reactions.  Trust me, you want someone with a lot of experience to chelate you if needed. 


I use Fullscript dispensary where you can order from my recommendations, as well as from a catalogue of other vitamins and supplements to be delivered to your door. As a patient of mine you are given an additional discount with every order. I will send you account details once we establish care. 

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How I work

I want our time together to be meaningful and have impact on your life.  My role is to understand your medical condition, explain what is going on physiologically within your body, and inspire you to take measurable steps towards your health goals. 


Why me - and why choose someone with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) background?


Each practitioner approaches the practice of medicine with some type of bias.  While all medical professionals try to arrive with a blank slate, we will always fall back on what we know best.  Chinese medicine is my background and I look to find something natural, yet effective over invasive measures such as synthetic hormones, western medications and surgery.  Sometimes those things are very much needed, and I will refer you to other medical professionals when my experience dictates the need to do so. 

Chinese medicine’s bias is towards balance.  Everything has a component of yin and yang.  Every organ and substance of your body, every food, season, emotion, all that is tangible and intangible has yin and yang elements.  Beyond yin and yang are remaining principles that we use in TCM to form diagnosis; heat, cold, damp, wind, dryness, excess, deficiency, interior, exterior.  All of these influences give us a complete picture to derive at your specific diagnosis which I will explain to you.  These influences also point us in the direction of what will heal you, and give your body, life and spirit that sweet balance we all seek. 

I am certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine, the most prestigious program available, and use complete blood analysis tools as taught by Dr. Dicken Weatherby for a thorough assessment.  No stone will be left unturned when we have completed your history, blood test, GI stool test, organic acids test, and other tests such as hormones, micronutrients, etc.  It is an illuminating process that will gear you towards actual health care and not the disease care model we are subjected to under traditional western medicine.